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July 18, 2020

The CarExpert team is broad and far reaching. We will try and revolve as many of our editorial team through the podcast panel each week to give you a variety of voices and opinions.

To help put a face to the voice, you can read more about each host below, along with how to get in touch with them via social media. 

Alborz Fallah Paul Maric

The original founder of, I’m best described as a bit OCD and somewhat annoying. I talk about cars ‘til people threaten me with violence.

I have zero mechanical ability, but have been known to pay someone at Supercheap to replace a windscreen wiper and then claim it as my own work on Instagram.

I race a lot and think I can steer, just ask me.

I can’t sleep at night if I know one of my cars is dirty, and god forbid if my wife has scratched a rim or the kids have even considered eating in a car.

I’ve lived in Brisbane all my life (apart from spending 18 months in Sydney) and swear black and blue that it’s the best city in Australia, even if all the evidence would suggest otherwise.

Having made a few quid from the sale of CarAdvice to Channel 9, I put my money where my mouth is and bought all the cars I dreamt about owning one day. Except for a Bugatti. We will get there.




Yeah, sure. All motoring journalists ‘love’ cars and have a ‘passion’ for them. It’s kind of a cliche thing you read in every motoring journalist’s ‘about me’ page.

The difference with us is that this isn’t really a job. We actually love talking about cars with people and making sure the consumer always ends up in the best car. We don’t have a vested interest in promoting something that isn’t good.

Unlike a lot of my colleagues – even those I work with – I don’t come from a journalism background. In fact, I hated English in high school. It was a subject graded subjectively and there was no method of excelling without having paragraphs of word porn to keep teachers happy.

My goal with our new site is to bring you the best video content possible – I also love answering your new car questions, so if there’s anything you’d like to know, hit me up on social media!





Anthony Crawford Mike Costello

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t into cars, or in fact, anything with an engine.

My addiction for fast cars and V8 noise came a few years later when the old man had borrowed his partner’s HQ GTS Monaro 350 and proceeded to illegally drift the car around what is today’s tourist circle at Tanya Park on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for an entire kilometre – with us kids in tow. Mum never knew.  

Decades on, I discovered the old man had been a racer of some talent in the ‘50s clocking up a couple of Bathurst 500 drives as well as plenty of wins on bikes.

In between some corporate start-ups there were a couple of car shows I created with Network 10 in the ‘90s, but nothing compares with the journey that took me on, especially the early years when we sacrificed almost everything to do some inspirational stuff.

This time we’re back with our new site It’s all about making content great again and I’m truly grateful to be with Alborz and Paul to do it all again. Our way.


I’ve loved all things auto for as long as I can remember. Actually, longer. Mum tells me “car” was my first word. 

I’m a comparison tester and the section editor, which entails pitting competitor products against each other, and irritating representatives of each brand that doesn’t win.

I’ve been an auto journo for about a decade, as of early 2020. Before that I sold new Volkswagens while trying to keep my suit clean. Before that I detailed cars, so it’s safe to say they’ve been a constant part of my life. 

Growing up on a farm in a hidden corner of southern Western Australia, you’d assume I would be good with a spanner. You would be wrong. But I can tell tales about slow burnouts in John Deeres and MQ Nissan Patrol utes without doors. 

I’m determined to help CarExpert recapture the sort of magic that online automotive content can offer, and to share my passion with you. No pulling punches, no ticking boxes, no bullshit.



Scott Collie  
I’ve loved cars for as long as I can remember. Actually, longer.

I started covering the car industry as a part-time job during my journalism degree, and realised it was exactly what I wanted to be doing.

Although essentially everything four-wheeled fascinates me, I’m an absolute sucker for a classic BMW.

On the new car front, I just can’t go past a good hot hatch. Something like the Ford Fiesta ST, or a Honda Civic Type R.

Along with the news you need to know, I want to give some of the interesting people you don’t usually hear from in motoring a chance to share their stories.

Dealers, wholesalers, advertisers, executives… there are plenty of people out there with unique perspectives who can provide a window into their corner of the automotive world.

Oh, and Mike Costello might be taller and younger than Alborz and Tony, but I’ve got him covered on both fronts.




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